stop hair from falling out

When walking down the aisles of our local beauty store we women become excited with the possibilities! So many choices, yet so little money - what's a girl to do? And since most of us have a finite budget (Kim Kardashian excluded) we have to be prudent with the money we spend on beauty products.

But a little voice is nagging in our ears, reminding us of all the purchases we made on "hope in a bottle" that promised dramatic results but, in the end, did not deliver. There is even a special drawer in your bathroom dedicated to all the products you can't bear to throw out but gave up on all the same. You keep telling yourself, "This is going to be the one that works" but after diligently using it and waiting the obligatory 4 to 6 weeks you have to wait to see results, you are decidedly underwhelmed.

Sure you have a handful a products that worked as advertised, but that has been the exception rather then the rule. And how many worked the very first time you used them?

There is one product that I found that helped me with a beauty challenge I was facing with regard to excessive hair shedding. I kept finding clumps of hair on my shower floor (my husband loved that), in my hairbrush, and strewn all over my clothes. I became so concerned and self-conscience I even began to wash my hair less frequently as a way to stop the hair fall.

Then I came across one of those one-in-a-million cosmetic products that actually work! It's called Intact and it is a lifesaver. You put it on, massage it into your head and leave it on for ten minutes. Afterwards, your hair stays put on your head. Seriously, I can brush, wash, curl and flat iron to my hearts content and I only lose a fraction of what use to come out. There is one catch however - it only works for three hours. But hey, that is plenty of time to get my style on.

I also found out that it is offered as a service in high-end salons. I am getting extensions put in new week, and I anticipate a lot of pulling and tugging (and hair loss) as usual. This time I am fighting back with Intact, the product that restored my faith in beauty. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with my husband.