stop hair from falling out

When looking at the different types of women that are concerned with hair loss and hair shedding, one category always seems to get somewhat overlooked. That category is women that deal with fine hair. While certainly nowhere near a life-altering as someone that are faced with genetic hair loss, a thin-haired woman can be extremely sensitive to ANY hair loss as, for obvious reasons -- its impact is so much more pronounced.

These particular group of women have probably been dealing with fine hair issues their whole lives, trying to make it appear fuller with sprays, mousses, gels, teasing, etc. Not only that, fine hair is especially susceptible to shedding during showering, towel drying and styling due to its fragile characteristics. When someone with a full thick healthy head of hair sees hair on the brush it's no big deal. When someone with fine hair sees hair in the brush, it is time to call the cavalry!

One thing that can help preserve your precious locks is INTACT root securing complex. INTACT defends fine hair by increasing the force needed to pull, tug, and yank hair from your head during washing, styling, and blow drying. If you have fine hair, you know that every strand counts, but do you know that in just ten minutes you can see less hair on your sink, down the drain, and on your brush by applying a root securing complex? And it works the very first time you use it.

Some other tips for women with fine and thinning hair:

✓ Blow-dry your hair upside down to increase the appearance of fullness
✓ Use a smaller amount of styling products to minimize hair being weighted down. Less is more.
✓ Get a cut that creates a greater illusion of fullness.
✓ Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner.
✓ Find a brush that glides through hair more easily.
✓ Use s root securing complex to hold on tightly to the hair that you have.

Although fine hair can be challenging, it doesn't mean that you can't do everything in your power to keep it looking and feeling its best.